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Before We Recommend Suppliers To Our Customers
All GreenPower manufacturers are firstly qualified by a member of our GreenPower in Supply Team, secondly they are inspected & assessed by members of our Quality Control Team and thirdly they are verified only by chief engineer. A factory audit will then be made available to our customers upon request. All Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of GreenPower have routine inspections to ensure hey are in compliance with the standards set in place during the original Supplier Assessment Inspection.
Quality Control
At the GreenPower, we hold our manufacturers and suppliers to a higher level of expectation.
Production Inspection Process
Our GreenPower service includes regular and thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to employ additional quality control inspectors.
 Raw material before any production begins
 Pre-production samples to ensure specifications are being met
 In-process to confirm that standards are maintained
 Pre-shipping to ensure that the product arrives to the customer exactly as expected and is    packaged correctly to prevent any damage in transit
3rd Party Testing:
Should your products require testing and certification to comply with international standards (IEC, NEMA, IEEE, etc.), we can arrange this with independent, fully recognized testing companies such as SGS, Intertec, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register or the type test (KEMA, ASTA, etc.) for the products of your choice.
Packaging, Consolidation, Warehousing, Delivery and Aftersales
Packing appropriate to the type of duty will be chosen according to the latest technologies and the best quality of packaging means. The packing method considered the various demands depending on the type and the way of transport defines the choice of the packing method. A safe and easy handling with current ground conveyors or kind of loading is given by adequate construction characteristics of the packing. Weights and dimensions comply with the valid freight standards. The packages will be marked according to international regulations / instructions and customers request. The type of packing is fundamentally determined through
 Dimensions, weight, centre of gravity
 Base surface area
 Kind of transport and storage period
  Intended transit method and storage requirements
 positioning of the packages on truck or inside container under consideration of the stacking ability    and the direction of loading
 Calculation of loading volume
 Issuing of detailed packing lists per order
Warehousing and Consolidation
We know that warehouse space can be expensive around the world. We also know that, for one reason or another, factories often ask for a larger minimum order quantity than you would necessarily want to ship at one time. We can help by operating split shipments. Meet the factory minimum order quantity but ship it in 2 or 3 shipments with required gaps between. This allows you to move stock through your business without taking up space and capital. We will arrange, either for the factory to warehouse the subsequent shipments or, we can use our own warehousing facilities. We know that you don't always want to buy a full container of goods from individual factories, and nobody wants to be shipping air. We can consolidate your smaller orders from multiple factories, delivering all at the same time to you or your customers, using the most cost-effective route available. At the time of order placement, we will detail back to you the volume of each component part and agree with you what size container will be used.
We can offer the complete package from concept to delivery; arranging everything up until the point your product arrives at your own door or distribution hub Delivery can be offered.
 CIF to a port near you
 Using your own freight-forwarder
 FOB to a port in China
 Door to Door service
Whether you have your own freight-forwarder or you would like us to organise shipment; whether you require delivery FOB to a port in China or CIF to a port near you, we are happy to quote and supply whichever way you choose. Please feel free to discuss all options with us.
Working closely with our customers we evaluate the success of our delivered product With your valuable feedback we can begin to plan for.
 Modifications to the product for future orders
 Alternative products or suppliers
 Additions to a range
We put a lot of hard work into making sure we supply you with the products you want, so why wouldn't we want to hear about your success with them? We also know, no matter what we do, sometimes, issues do arise. After your goods arrive with you, we will contact with you to ensure your delivery was received how and when you expected, and also to enquire how the products commissioning or were greeted by end-users. Your feedback is vital for us to continue to improve. We welcome your comments, both good and bad, and strive to offer alternatives or improvements for you future orders.

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