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40.5kV/36kV RMU Switchgear
Date : 2016.08
Venue : Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Organizer :
Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed RMU Switchgear / GPR-40.5kV

 There are many advantages of a ring type power system topology over a radial type distribution system up to 40.5kV. With the use of Ring Main Units (RMUs), power supply recovery can happen very quickly if any failure occurs in the power distribution system. It provides great contribution for improving power system reliability and availability, available for industrial estate commercial center, and country, where density of power supply is great, and power cable is used, especial for power collection and distribution of wind farm.
Meanwhile, gas insulated ring main units are compact, safe to use, independent of ambient environment influence, convenient to install, and free maintenance, less area occupancy. The 36kV GPR is such a kind of ring main unit, which is especially suitable for kiosk substation applications.
With the features of a completely sealed gas tank and a flexible modular panel design, extendable from both sides, load break switch unit, switch-fuse combination unit or vacuum circuit breaker unit can be used independently. Meantime, the extendable feature allows customer to build functional module combinations into various solutions to suit their requirements.

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