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GreenPower works on things that matter.
The best people and the best technologies taking
on the toughest challenges.
Fast, quality, good service and reliable.
Not just imaging. Find GreenPower,
you will not need to find the second supplier from China.
Company profile
Zhejiang GreenPower I&E Co., Ltd, is jointly established by a number of state-owned excellent industrial electrical professional manufacturers,we committed to meet the procurement needs of clients.It is a professional procurement service provider with entity of industrial electrical.

GreenPower provides ONE-STOP solutions service for all customers in the international area.It is located in the time-honored electrical industrial city,a collection of world-class brand of industrial electrical products,excellent brand of domestic electrical products as the basis.

Innovative business philosophy, strong professional supply team, expert technical guidance, advanced information network management platform, fast logistics, which makes GreenPower as your procurement expert by your side.

GreenPower adhere to its own brand and multi-brand integration,marketing differentiated development strategy. The products involving low,medium and high voltage transmission and distribution products and industrial automation products.

It Covering all aspects of distribution, logistics, warehousing,professional and technical services,systems integration and complete sets of manufacturing. Stable business foundation for cooperation with customers and suppliers,and has established a good reputation to maintain its leading position in the market competition.

Human quest for transcendence, with transcendence we make progress,when the pursuit of unlimited become a belief, our dream began to realize.

Hard-working, dedicated GreenPower people, will be adhering to its past glory, beginners mind, let go sailing, to face the fierce competition in the future,and always help customers make the best choice, and strive to become the best and most reliable procurement service provider in the field of industrial electrical.
Key figures of management
At Greenpower, we know that detail matters! It is our policy to ensure we understand your product or range requirements 100% before selecting the right manufacturer for you.
We are proud to provide a design, production, quality control, inspection, testing and logistics service to companies that need a reliable supply of goods from China."
Anson D.
Directing Manager/ Senior Engineer/ MBA
Today, GreenPower is one of the main leaders in Switchgear products and technology supply. 
Our objectives: Safety is our first priority, Faster and save cost to ensure your global procurement are reliable.
The GreenPower’s factories are the state-owned excellent of many years' experience in the industrial electrical field. The GreenPower’s Logistics has high efficiency coordination with international transportation companies. Lean management is keeping improved to control the cost for more competitive.
I would like to thank all our clients and partners for the trust they have given us over the years by ensuring that all Greenpower employees make each of your orders and services an enjoyable experience. 
Mr. Gao
Chief Engineer/ Senior Engineer
With 33 years’ experience in the field of switchgear and substation and contributed high achievement.
Ms Z. Y. Xia
Supply Manager
Annie Chan
Marketing Manager
Sales, market promotion, management
Ms Feng Li
Chief Financial Officer
We have obtained the certificate of honor.
Before We Recommend Suppliers To Our Customers
All GreenPower's manufacturers are belong to our state-owned group, and firstly qualified by a member of our GreenPower Supply Team (GPST), secondly they are inspected & assessed by members of our Quality Control Team and thirdly they are verified only by a Senior QC Manager. A factory audit will then be made available to our customers upon request.

All Key Manufacturers and Suppliers of GreenPower have routine inspections to ensure they are in compliance with the standards set in place during the original Supplier Assessment Inspection.
Production Inspection Process
Our GreenPower service includes regular and thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to employ additional quality control inspectors.

- Raw material before any production begins
- Pre-production samples to ensure specifications are being met
- In-process to confirm that standards are maintained
- Pre-shipping to ensure that the product arrives to the customer exactly as expected and is packaged correctly to prevent any damage in transit

We invite our customer to participate in our production process inspection during the order.
3rd Party Testing
Should your products require testing and certification to comply with international standards (KEMA, ASTA, CCC, etc.), we can arrange this with independent, fully recognized testing companies such as SGS, Intertec, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register or the testing company of your choice.
Products Type Test
All provide products will have  type test report due to different area, Call us to see the details parameter on Type Test Report
On Year of 2018~2020, we added many products and tested in ASTA and KEMA lab. 

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